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Here Goes Nothing…

on 04/16/2011

Okay… so being the kind of person that likes to keep up with friends and do what they are doing I figured that I would give this “blogging” a whirl! Now, just to fore warn you..(so that you can stop reading and not waste anymore of your time!) I have no special talents-I’m not a writer, I’m not crafty(I screw up every project) and I have really nothing that important to say! I don’t know what I’m really doing to be honest-like I said before..I don’t wanna get left out so here we are-you reading about my boring life! SO….here goes nothing! I am a wild and fun-loving gal who enjoys life and living and laughing! I grew up in the late ’70s early ’80s(actually it was the BEST time to be a child) I loved playing  outside until the sun went down and running around the neighborhood with friends(its truly heartbreaking that kids can’t do that anymore because  someone will take them and do ungodly things to them) So after years of being a tomboy and growing up I went off to college(great days!) Now my college was a little crazy(NO! not me!!) I kinda went crazy my first year and the party college of the great state of Texas but dad didn’t like paying for me to party so off to Jr College! After my LONG year of living at home I finally went off to Texas Woman’s University where my life was forever changed! I joined a sorority( I know-I’m SO not a sorority girl!) but this sorority was different-I was accepted for being ME! ME the crazy,goofy, wild, not super skinny,not fake baked,not bleach blond girl!( yeah yeah I know that is such a stereotype!) Anyways, I loved it and I met some of the BEST women and then she walked in!! My best friend and I know this sounds so unbelievable but we were instant friends and it has done nothing but make my life better and better every year!!

Anyways…skip a couple of years(a lot of it was kinda a blur -who know at my age we can’t remember much!) I travel Europe for 3 months which is truly another life changing experience. I mean I’m not a super religious person but seeing THE POPE on Easter weekend and spending Midnight Mass in The Vatican would be pretty impressive to even the devil-I would think! And then the Amazing weeks in Greece-ah Greece how I love you!(even though I wrecked my moped and thought for sure I was gonna have to go home!) The trip was such an eye opener and truly made me a better person-I highly recommend anyone who can to travel(doesn’t even have to be to Europe-just get out of your state geez!)

FAST FORWARD: I get married and have years of troubles getting pregnant! I have a blocked tube that eventually gets removed and viola-PREGNANT!! So..after 5 yrs of trying to have a baby and never giving up my faith I would-September 30,2007 my miracle arrived and changed my life forever-Autumn Faith gave me a job that I love more than anything in the world! Don’t get me wrong there are days(many) that I am at my wits end but being blessed with the most amazing,beautiful,smart,funny person in the world and being “mommy’ -YEP! It’s another life changing experience!


2 responses to “Here Goes Nothing…

  1. Bree says:

    Awww, that last part got me all teary eyed. Who knew mommyhood was so wonderful. =)

  2. txchandler says:

    “Faith gave me a job that I love more than anything in the world! ”

    I got chills reading that.

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