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Up in Flames

on 04/18/2011

For years I have been going to Possum Kingdom lake or PK to those who love it’smajestic beauty. My great friends have a lake house and we go to unwind, hang out and enjoy each other and the lake.  There are so many memories there with many fun times and fun people and now in an instant it’s about to go up in flames. If you have never been to PK you are truly missing out on a piece of beauty in the middle of no where(literally like 3 hours from Ft Worth so it does feel like the middle of no where) The lake is just awesome-really I am at a loss for words at how much I love this lake. I have jet skied, cliff jumped, swam in and been boating on this lake. The lake house is my friend’s parent’s house; they have spent many many hours painting, sweating, toiling and making this house an unbelievable place to get away from the daily grind. Their doors were always open for those who wanted to get away and enjoy life and friendships..I am truly blessed that I have had the chance to frequent this awesome place  many times and have so many memories of fun times with great people.

But now my heart breaks for the wild fires are consuming the area-the beautiful woods,the helpless animals and the many houses that people have worked really hard on making their” little piece of heaven” on PK.  I have never lost anything to fire and even though it’s not my house I feel like I’ve lost my “little piece of heaven.”(Thank you Mr and Mrs Bigley for sharing your home with all of us!)


One response to “Up in Flames

  1. I got chills reading this. I’m saddened by any loss to any life and home out there, and in this case particularly the Bigly’s. They are in my prayers along with great friends like you that felt at home in PK Lake. God bless. Love, Chandler

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