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Take a Walk

on 04/19/2011

We all have things going on in our lives.. Whether it be great news of a pregnancy, a marriage, new job or it could be the hard to swallow part of life- a loss of a job, divorce or death of a loved one. Whatever is going on in this moment of time is what is important to you and during this time it’s hard not to get frustrated with others because it’s not important to them. On the flip side of the coin-they have their own stuff going on in their lives that are important to them. As humans, friends, siblings,spouses or whatever your title is at the moment you must stop and “walk in their shoes”
During the day we get so caught up in the daily activities of life that we sometimes forget that we need each other to lean on, listen to and just “understand” what’s going on in our lives..


One response to “Take a Walk

  1. This is so true. And adopting this outlook will help create a more compassionate you. Thank you, Mandy, for taking the time to write this. I appreciate the value inside of your message. Love you, Chan

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