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Life Stories

on 04/28/2011

“One time when I was in band camp….”
Ok well it really wasn’t band camp but I do have several life stories and with my recent “injury” I started thinking about all the goofy stuff that happens to me!
Now I know that we all have injuries and war wounds but for some reason the weirdest stuff happens to me. Have you ever heard of someone being bit by a pocket gopher? Do you even know what one said gopher looks like? Yeah didn’t think so! Well let me tell you.. They are cute and furry and from afar kinda look like guinea pigs/hamsters which why I felt the need to be one with nature and pick him up and say hi! The gopher didn’t care to much for me and my handling him so he decided that biting me would be his ticket to freedom. Which after a couple of flips in the air as I tossed him.. He was a free gopher! Now as I sit in the hotel room with my older brother laughing and my dad yelling at me for doing such a goofy thing we are faced with the possibility that these creatures carry rabies. (luckily for me and my stomach area they don’t) This “little incident” is the first of many funny stories I get to share of crazy things that happen to me! (and not many other people!)
I have also burned my whole hand in a campfire (that’s not too original) Ended up with 2nd degree burns on my hand and had to sleep in our camper with my hand in a pot of cold water to keep the pain down.
Then there’s the time I went snow skiing with my church youth group and some how ended up hitting a tree and breaking through the ice in a COLD pond. That didn’t feel so great and the jokes about water skiing that year still haunt me.
What about the time I wrecked my moped in Greece. Yep.. I basically drove directly into a parked car and slide the moped under it and injured my thumb(luckily that was my only injury) A couple of self directed physical therapies on the train around Europe seemed to heal me. I swear for 2 weeks I had to use both hands to hold my beer!
Now mysterious stuff happens to me also. For instance..last year I got what I thought was poison ivy on my neck that turned into a huge spot of pure nastiness on my neck.. Honestly it still hasn’t been diagnosed!
And now I have an abrasion “the size of Australia” (and that’s a direct quote from my eye doctor) on my right eye! How did this happen.. I wasn’t poked in the eye(that I remember) so now I’m banned from wearing contacts and have to put million drops in my eye while the mystery eye abrasion wrecks havoc on my eye sight and my appearance.
I have many many life stories. I like calling them life stories because it is a part of my life and makes my life a little more colorful and funny. I love telling my stories too.. so don’t hesitate to ask me to tell ya one. “grab a chair and a drink… Bc “one time when I was…



3 responses to “Life Stories

  1. txchandler says:

    Lol!! This made giggle!!! I can totally see you wrecking your moped and then laughing about it almost immediately afterwards! Or falling off your bike while you lay there so Laughing while Jason takes a picture. You’re right… Life would be boring without you in it!!! I love you!

  2. Bree says:

    Lol! Omg! Skiing into a pond? How does that even happen!?

    When I was a teenager, I brilliantly stomped on some ice on a pond to see how solid it was. Not so solid. Soaked my new Addias shoes. =)

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