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The Truth about Women

on 06/22/2011


Let me begin with the statement that I am female so I consider myself an expert in this category. With that being said let’s continue… The truth about Women. The female gender is quite an odd creature; we are strong but at the same time weak, we are smart no matter how clueless and each other’s worst enemy yet best companion.
As a young girl growing up my best friend was a boy until I was about 12 and then we went our separate ways and I was in a foreign land of makeup, jewelry and clothes! All the girly things I so wasn’t into but being now it surrounded me. As a teen I had girlfriends and we did the typical “girly” stuff but not until college and joining a sorority did I get true and meaningful friendships out of women. Believe me I didn’t want to join a sorority and I’m not your “typical sorority girl” but really neither is my sorority..we were were cool chicks looking for friendships and a social life through out the college years. Joining the sorority changed my life forever. Not only did I make some great friends(which most I’m still good friends with) I met my other half.. My best friend and my forever friend! . And by joining this sorority I have learned how to be friends and have relationships with the female gender. Girlfriends are such an important part of a women’s life.. We as women are wives and mom’s and we need other women in our lives to lean on and support. Unfortunately, the world of women is a scary and rough place. We gossip, we mock, we judge, we hold grudges and we are very good at stabbing each other in the back. Women are the best at being hateful, unsupportive and just down right mean to other women.
Once you’ve navigated your way through and have found some girlfriends you need to nurture and maintain that relationship.. It’s vital to your sanity in this crazy world!
Now grown up and having a daughter I’m committed to teaching her the value of friendships and being a great friend. I hope as she grows she becomes a great and supportive friend to others.
Like I’ve said before girlfriends are an important part of our lives and if you are a woman and have great girlfriends don’t take them for granted and nurture that friendship.. You’ll be forever changed and a better friend.


One response to “The Truth about Women

  1. sue miller says:

    You nailed it!!!!!!!!!!

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