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Live laugh love

on 06/28/2011


Sounds simple… Live laugh love. Yet as humans we live day to day muddling through work, our family lives and our daily worries. We don’t really LIVE… get out and enjoy our life and the world around us. I am not saying go and jump on the next plane and fly all around the world(although that would be nice) And I would SO do it if money wasn’t a factor-which I am pretty positive that’s what holds others back from doing the same. What I am saying is enjoy your life… If you work, work somewhere you like to work. Go do things you like to do… Don’t be scared to go out and learn how to do something you always thought you’d like to try sometime. Meet new people, go to new places see new things. Why?? Because life is short… We never know when something is going to happen and we won’t be able to enjoy this thing called life.
Laughter is the best medicine. Nothing feels better than a big ol’ belly shaking laugh! It’s true… Try it! You’ll feel so much better. Life is too short to be taken so seriously.. Get out there and be silly.. Dance crazy, act goofy with your kids-one of the greatest sounds of life is the laughter coming from little mouths. If you have children you Know what I’m talking about.. Just hearing that sound makes me laugh! If you don’t have children.. Go hang out with a 3 year old I promise you will laugh.
Either way, kids or no kids.. You gotta laugh-find something that will give you a big ol’ belly squeezing, people look at you funny laugh..it will do you good.
Love as if there is no worries. Love with all your heart, soul and mind. As humans we fear love… We don’t want to get hurt or look foolish. But we shouldn’t fear love we should embrace it and share it. Such a great feeling to love and be loved.. Everyone and everything needs and deserves love. Open your heart and love your life, the people in it and those around you. Love is an amazing feeling and such a powerful emotion.
The life we have is such an awesome journey..enjoy it and enjoy your time here with the people you love.
Live laugh love… Make it a way of life not just a saying on a plaque.


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