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Party of 3

on 07/27/2011

Some decisions in life are easy such as what to wear, what to eat and what to do Friday night. Then there are the big decisions in life; where to work, who to marry and how many kids you are going to have in life. Well this past week I have made an important decision-I am only having one child. That’s right I’m calling it quits, hanging up my uterus, I’m done no more babies for me. It wasn’t the plan I had in my life but it is looking like my plan is not matching up with God’s plan. I have had 5 pregnancies and 1 child…you can do the math; that’s 4 losses. I am not embarrassed nor ashamed of my losses, it is a part of my life and I have nothing to hide. With that being said Autumn is truly my miracle child-an amazing one at that and I am more than blessed to be her mommy.So I only have one kid-I’m still a mom. So I don’t get to put 2,3 or 4 stick kids on the back of my SUV- I’m still a mom with an SUV full of kid junk. The hardest part I will admit is letting go..letting go of the “maybe one day” and the “someday.” Letting go of the clothes and the swings, the highchair, the shoes for the “maybe someday”. But I have to let go of the “maybe someday” and look in front of me at my “today”..my Autumn Faith. So now we move forward to the next adventures in our lives as a party of 3.


4 responses to “Party of 3

  1. Barbra says:

    beautifully written! you are a great mom and autumn is so lucky to have you! i know this is tough but like you said, god’s plans are different for you for one reason or another! keep the faith girlie and enjoy that sweet girl!

  2. I love your positive way of looking at things! I wish I could adopt this into my own life. I was an only child for 16 years…and was extremely happy. Instead of siblings I developed even closer bonds with some friends and cousins. A blessing that not everyone has. Im sure the “party of 3” is going to have a wonderful, blessed, and happy life together! Congratulations! 🙂

  3. Cara Cross says:

    I think you are an amazing mom…no matter how many stick figures you have on the SUV. God gave you Autumn, and she is going to shine (already does). I love you, girl.

  4. love you, your strength and faith. love you and your sweet stick figure family of three! xoxo

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