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Sisterhood forever

on 08/08/2011

When I went off to college I never thought of myself as the sorority “type”-I mean I’m not super girly and I never had a lot of “girl friend’s”. I was what we called a “tomboy”-my best friend was a boy which means we watched and played football, we played with hot wheels and Star Wars figures-basically all things not “girly”. So when I found myself going through what is called Rush in 1993 I kinda shocked not only my family but myself. Joining a sorority was a good thing for me-it helped me build relationships with women(which is very important in a woman’s life) and it helped me become a better woman(something I didn’t realize until recently)
During the college years it’s about sorority stuff and doing the college thing-as AOII’s it’s “sisterhood forever” and I was not thinking past the next frat party much less the next 10 years. Then I graduated, moved, got married, had a child and lots of stuff in between. During all these years a few of my sisters were in my daily life- they may not have been in the same city or heck even same state but they were there-a part of my life.
This past weekend(15 years later) we had a reunion. A group of us got together to hang out, catch up and just be together again. It was amazing-some of these women I haven’t seen in these past 15 years(thankfully we have sites life Facebook to reconnect and keep in touch). I had an “aha” moment this weekend-these women are my “sisters forever” -it’s not just a saying on a t-shirt. I am so thankful for the decision I made 18 years ago to become a part of AOII and have “sisterhood forever”. I look forward to more reunions and gatherings to keep the sisterhood alive. Hopefully one day Autumn will decide to get involved in the Greek system(AOII of course-but not mandatory) and have her own “sisters forever”


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