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No more excuses

on 01/04/2012

“I don’t have time”, “I’m have too much to do”, ” it’s too hard”, “I just can’t”… All the excuses I’ve used over the years for not getting in shape, exercising and eating right. Well it’s 2012 and NO MORE EXCUSES!
I have finally burned it into my head that this is it-I WILL do it-I can and will get healthy! My obsession right now is all about getting there and what tools I need to be a success at fighting fat. This decision I have made has been a long time coming. I knew years ago I needed this-well actually years ago I was in the same boat and I did it! I lost the weight and was feeling good and looking great.. then I got pregnant and lazy. I’m not saying that pregnancy made me lazy because it’s now 4 years later and I’m still lazy. I have no excuses now. A huge part of what’s driving me is mental. I can say over and over “I’m fat, I need to lose weight” but until it is mentally burned in my brain that I am going to do it-I slack, slide and just get lazy.
So, what burned this in my head that I was ready.. My clothes getting bigger is the biggest motivator. I hate that I hate shopping for clothes. To me it’s the worst chore ever and I always end up buying stuff for my daughter because I can always find stuff for her to wear. The other engraver was my daughter herself. I want to be able to take her places, do things and being bigger doesn’t make it easy to do things physically. So it’s now there-burned in my brain that this is it-NO MORE EXCUSES!
When battling fat I have to have goals to strive for and my short term goal is 10 pounds down by February and my ultimate goal is 40 pounds by my 40th birthday in September(which is 36 weeks away!) I CAN AND WILL do this!! It’s burned in my brain!
So 2012 better watch out because it’s gonna see a healthier, skinner, fitter and happier me! NO EXCUSE!!



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