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A work in progress

on 03/05/2012

So here we are in March! I’ve been doing P.I.N.K for 8 weeks now and I’m down 22 pounds and 8 inches off hips! Yay me! I am doing something active every day and now starting to run! Yes me.. Running.. And not for my life(well it is for my life because it will make me stronger and healthier and live longer)
And all I can say is I love it!!! Now I’m not going to lie.. I have slipped gone backwards a bit but the difference is I feel it.. I feel like crap after I do eat unhealthy and can’t wait to get it put d my system and get something good for me in there. I feel it when I don’t workout for a day or so.. I lose my motivation but then I go run or Zumba and feel better and miss that feeling of accomplishment after a great workout!
I have my first Warrior Dash coming up next weekend and I am nervous as hell but so excited at the same time! I hoping to make this 5k thing a habit. I want to keep doing 5k and start swimming again and who knows.. Maybe some more competitive stuff. I’m taking it one step at time.. But I’m still moving forward.



One response to “A work in progress

  1. kalynalli says:

    Good job Mandy! I hope that soon enough I can say I have lost 22 lbs! That is great and I am happy for you! I’m only on day 3 and it feels like it’s going to take forever but I also have to remember…I’m only on day 3 and there are several more days to come. 🙂

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