just little insights to me and my world


on 03/13/2012

So here we are 4 days until the Warrior Dash.. And I’m nervous. Why I am nervous? It’s just a fun, get muddy hang put with friends kind of run.. No pressure kind of adventure. But I’m still nervous. At the beginning of the year I decided that I’m done with the way I was living.. I’m tired of being out of shape and unhealthy so I made changes in my life..I’m living a healthy lifestyle and I am loving it! So here’s where this muddy fun run fits in.. It’s a challenge for me to prove to myself that I can do this.. I can overcome hard challenges and become the fit warrior I’m meant to be. This is an emotional as well as physical challenge. It’s like getting over the emotional mountain of self pity, body hating, low self esteem.. It’s conquering the the wall of power and letting myself prove to nobody but myself that I am a power to be reckoned with, that I am overcoming these boundaries and will prevail over this fight against fat.. That I am a warrior!!



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