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Mission accomplished

on 06/23/2012


I DID IT!!! Mission accomplished!! Goal attained!! Success! Finally!
At the beginning of 2012 I decided that I was no longer going to be fat.. I wanted to get fit and be healthy for myself, my life, my daughter and my family. So I set a goal.. 40 pounds by my 40th birthday in September! I found out about the P.I.N.K method and decided that was for me (www.pinkmethod.com) I’m living proof that it works! Day 1 was January 9th(I remember that day very well) I gave up sodas, coffee, sugar and carbs! As I went through the PINK program I slowly added back the good carbs and added in exercise. The PINK program taught me how to eat healthy and expanded my palette to foods I never thought I would try let alone enjoy! Exercise become a part of my life. It become a habit for me to do something active daily and when I don’t I feel crappy. I enjoy the soreness I feel after exercising.. Makes me feel like I did my body good.
So day after day week after week I strived, pushed myself, challenged myself to become a healthy better me!
Now I am human and I did have times of not very healthy food choices but I made that decision to have my “cheat times” but to never give up!
And now here I am 23 weeks into my challenge and I have done it!! I stepped on the scale and was 40 lbs lighter!!!
12 weeks before my 40th and I am proud to say I DID IT!! I didn’t give up and kept pushing myself and running and trying new exercises and it has paid off!
Now what you ask??
I keep going! Being healthy and living fit is a lifestyle. It’s now my lifestyle my family’s way of living. I have a new goal of 20 pounds my the end of the year and will continue to push myself, challenge myself and strive for my goals.



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