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Live laugh love


Sounds simple… Live laugh love. Yet as humans we live day to day muddling through work, our family lives and our daily worries. We don’t really LIVE… get out and enjoy our life and the world around us. I am not saying go and jump on the next plane and fly all around the world(although that would be nice) And I would SO do it if money wasn’t a factor-which I am pretty positive that’s what holds others back from doing the same. What I am saying is enjoy your life… If you work, work somewhere you like to work. Go do things you like to do… Don’t be scared to go out and learn how to do something you always thought you’d like to try sometime. Meet new people, go to new places see new things. Why?? Because life is short… We never know when something is going to happen and we won’t be able to enjoy this thing called life.
Laughter is the best medicine. Nothing feels better than a big ol’ belly shaking laugh! It’s true… Try it! You’ll feel so much better. Life is too short to be taken so seriously.. Get out there and be silly.. Dance crazy, act goofy with your kids-one of the greatest sounds of life is the laughter coming from little mouths. If you have children you Know what I’m talking about.. Just hearing that sound makes me laugh! If you don’t have children.. Go hang out with a 3 year old I promise you will laugh.
Either way, kids or no kids.. You gotta laugh-find something that will give you a big ol’ belly squeezing, people look at you funny laugh..it will do you good.
Love as if there is no worries. Love with all your heart, soul and mind. As humans we fear love… We don’t want to get hurt or look foolish. But we shouldn’t fear love we should embrace it and share it. Such a great feeling to love and be loved.. Everyone and everything needs and deserves love. Open your heart and love your life, the people in it and those around you. Love is an amazing feeling and such a powerful emotion.
The life we have is such an awesome journey..enjoy it and enjoy your time here with the people you love.
Live laugh love… Make it a way of life not just a saying on a plaque.

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The Truth about Women


Let me begin with the statement that I am female so I consider myself an expert in this category. With that being said let’s continue… The truth about Women. The female gender is quite an odd creature; we are strong but at the same time weak, we are smart no matter how clueless and each other’s worst enemy yet best companion.
As a young girl growing up my best friend was a boy until I was about 12 and then we went our separate ways and I was in a foreign land of makeup, jewelry and clothes! All the girly things I so wasn’t into but being now it surrounded me. As a teen I had girlfriends and we did the typical “girly” stuff but not until college and joining a sorority did I get true and meaningful friendships out of women. Believe me I didn’t want to join a sorority and I’m not your “typical sorority girl” but really neither is my sorority..we were were cool chicks looking for friendships and a social life through out the college years. Joining the sorority changed my life forever. Not only did I make some great friends(which most I’m still good friends with) I met my other half.. My best friend and my forever friend! . And by joining this sorority I have learned how to be friends and have relationships with the female gender. Girlfriends are such an important part of a women’s life.. We as women are wives and mom’s and we need other women in our lives to lean on and support. Unfortunately, the world of women is a scary and rough place. We gossip, we mock, we judge, we hold grudges and we are very good at stabbing each other in the back. Women are the best at being hateful, unsupportive and just down right mean to other women.
Once you’ve navigated your way through and have found some girlfriends you need to nurture and maintain that relationship.. It’s vital to your sanity in this crazy world!
Now grown up and having a daughter I’m committed to teaching her the value of friendships and being a great friend. I hope as she grows she becomes a great and supportive friend to others.
Like I’ve said before girlfriends are an important part of our lives and if you are a woman and have great girlfriends don’t take them for granted and nurture that friendship.. You’ll be forever changed and a better friend.

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Thank you for being a friend

When we are little we make friends easily..as long as the toys are shared we are friends.  As we grow we go through stages of friendships..sometimes friends fight,sometimes we forgive and sometimes we just don’t last.  The older we get we learn that its not about the quantity of friends but the quality of  what we have in these friendships.  Now being in the 21st century and with the social networks we tend to overuse the word “friend”.  It’s become a competition of how many people you know or “friends” you have..but are all the 458 people really your FRIEND. You know the ones that know all about you(and still like you anyways).  Do these 458 people know you, your family,your strengths, weaknesses, care about you and your well being? If you were to get seriously injured would these 458 people come see you? I’m not saying go and delete the 450 people who wouldn’t I am just bringing to light that this very valuable word gets thrown around so carelessly.

I know growing up in Girl Scouts it was “make new friends but keep the old; one as silver and the other gold” and it’s a great way to go through life because you need to keep growing and making new relationships but at the same time there are times when it just doesn’t work out. Friendship is a two way street..one person can not be the one making all the effort-it’s a mutual understanding that both parties are going into this relationship. For a friendship to really grow and thrive both parties must put forth the effort to make the relationship grow. Friendships such a vital part to life that one must nurture the relationship or it will die.

        Over the years I have made some amazing friendships! Most of them I met in college and we continue to deepen our friendship daily. I know I haven’t always been the best friend I could be but I value and cherish each friend I have and continue to become a better friend everyday! Thanks for being my friend!

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true your a pal and a confidant.

And if you through a party
Invited everyone you ever knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say thank you for being a friend.  (Golden Girls Theme song) 🙂




We’ve all heard the many sayings about looking at the bright side of things, every cloud has it’s silver lining, looking at the glass half full etc etc.
The list of positive sayings is endless but I think you get where I’m going with this..happiness is what you make. It’s a journey not a destination(see another one!) Anyways, in life it’s not always happy go lucky, perfect, everything is coming up roses but how one mentally accepts and processes the situation is up to the individual.
The other day I read something on a friend’s Facebook status and even though it’s pretty much means all the sayings from the beginning of this writing it really sank in and hit me like a slap in the face.
” I may not be in total control of what happens to my life, but I am certainly in charge of how I choose to perceive my experience.” ~ Jill Bolte Taylor
I read this and to be honest it was perfect timing. Some of you close to me know that I have been struggling with infertility and repeated miscarriages. It’s not easy.. Actually it’s extremely hard and I don’t wish it on anyone. I know it’s common and I’m not the only one who has ever experienced it but still the same.. It sucks. At the same time so are other life experiences.. Divorce, job losses, dating etc. Whatever your life circumstance is YOU choose how to perceive it and handle it. I CHOOSE to be positive about the whole situation because in all reality being negative and wallowing my sorrow really isn’t going to get me anywhere. Now don’t take my happiness as I don’t care-I have cried many many times(and at times still do) it’s hard seeing so many people around me having something I want/can’t have BUT I don’t and can’t let it get me down… I have to much to be happy about! So.. Whatever lemons life throws at you “make lemonade..but don’t forget the vodka!”


Life Stories

“One time when I was in band camp….”
Ok well it really wasn’t band camp but I do have several life stories and with my recent “injury” I started thinking about all the goofy stuff that happens to me!
Now I know that we all have injuries and war wounds but for some reason the weirdest stuff happens to me. Have you ever heard of someone being bit by a pocket gopher? Do you even know what one said gopher looks like? Yeah didn’t think so! Well let me tell you.. They are cute and furry and from afar kinda look like guinea pigs/hamsters which why I felt the need to be one with nature and pick him up and say hi! The gopher didn’t care to much for me and my handling him so he decided that biting me would be his ticket to freedom. Which after a couple of flips in the air as I tossed him.. He was a free gopher! Now as I sit in the hotel room with my older brother laughing and my dad yelling at me for doing such a goofy thing we are faced with the possibility that these creatures carry rabies. (luckily for me and my stomach area they don’t) This “little incident” is the first of many funny stories I get to share of crazy things that happen to me! (and not many other people!)
I have also burned my whole hand in a campfire (that’s not too original) Ended up with 2nd degree burns on my hand and had to sleep in our camper with my hand in a pot of cold water to keep the pain down.
Then there’s the time I went snow skiing with my church youth group and some how ended up hitting a tree and breaking through the ice in a COLD pond. That didn’t feel so great and the jokes about water skiing that year still haunt me.
What about the time I wrecked my moped in Greece. Yep.. I basically drove directly into a parked car and slide the moped under it and injured my thumb(luckily that was my only injury) A couple of self directed physical therapies on the train around Europe seemed to heal me. I swear for 2 weeks I had to use both hands to hold my beer!
Now mysterious stuff happens to me also. For instance..last year I got what I thought was poison ivy on my neck that turned into a huge spot of pure nastiness on my neck.. Honestly it still hasn’t been diagnosed!
And now I have an abrasion “the size of Australia” (and that’s a direct quote from my eye doctor) on my right eye! How did this happen.. I wasn’t poked in the eye(that I remember) so now I’m banned from wearing contacts and have to put million drops in my eye while the mystery eye abrasion wrecks havoc on my eye sight and my appearance.
I have many many life stories. I like calling them life stories because it is a part of my life and makes my life a little more colorful and funny. I love telling my stories too.. so don’t hesitate to ask me to tell ya one. “grab a chair and a drink… Bc “one time when I was…



Take a Walk

We all have things going on in our lives.. Whether it be great news of a pregnancy, a marriage, new job or it could be the hard to swallow part of life- a loss of a job, divorce or death of a loved one. Whatever is going on in this moment of time is what is important to you and during this time it’s hard not to get frustrated with others because it’s not important to them. On the flip side of the coin-they have their own stuff going on in their lives that are important to them. As humans, friends, siblings,spouses or whatever your title is at the moment you must stop and “walk in their shoes”
During the day we get so caught up in the daily activities of life that we sometimes forget that we need each other to lean on, listen to and just “understand” what’s going on in our lives..

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Up in Flames

For years I have been going to Possum Kingdom lake or PK to those who love it’smajestic beauty. My great friends have a lake house and we go to unwind, hang out and enjoy each other and the lake.  There are so many memories there with many fun times and fun people and now in an instant it’s about to go up in flames. If you have never been to PK you are truly missing out on a piece of beauty in the middle of no where(literally like 3 hours from Ft Worth so it does feel like the middle of no where) The lake is just awesome-really I am at a loss for words at how much I love this lake. I have jet skied, cliff jumped, swam in and been boating on this lake. The lake house is my friend’s parent’s house; they have spent many many hours painting, sweating, toiling and making this house an unbelievable place to get away from the daily grind. Their doors were always open for those who wanted to get away and enjoy life and friendships..I am truly blessed that I have had the chance to frequent this awesome place  many times and have so many memories of fun times with great people.

But now my heart breaks for the wild fires are consuming the area-the beautiful woods,the helpless animals and the many houses that people have worked really hard on making their” little piece of heaven” on PK.  I have never lost anything to fire and even though it’s not my house I feel like I’ve lost my “little piece of heaven.”(Thank you Mr and Mrs Bigley for sharing your home with all of us!)

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The butterfly Effect

Today I took Autumn to the Butterfly Garden at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. We have been there before but Autumn was younger so I thought today would be a great girls day out adventure. The last time we were there I think I saw 2 butterflies so my expectations weren’t really that high today. From the moment we walked in we were surrounded by these amazing,colorful and beautiful creatures; it was truly a breath taking moment. Watching and seeing these little fluttery creatures stop and land  long enough to snap the camera to capture their beauty really reminded me that life is truly an amazing adventure. Seeing the beauty of these tiny creatures and the watching Autumn discover the amazement of butterflies was a moment in time that will be forever etched in my mind. The flittery butterflies were so carefree they made  it seem like time just stopped. Walking through the garden and having the waterfall as the backdrop for the gorgeous garden my stress of life was carried away on the wings of those butterflies! I left the garden today with a new respect and love for butterflies. So instead of “stopping and smelling the roses” its “stop and watch the butterflies” for me!

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Here Goes Nothing…

Okay… so being the kind of person that likes to keep up with friends and do what they are doing I figured that I would give this “blogging” a whirl! Now, just to fore warn you..(so that you can stop reading and not waste anymore of your time!) I have no special talents-I’m not a writer, I’m not crafty(I screw up every project) and I have really nothing that important to say! I don’t know what I’m really doing to be honest-like I said before..I don’t wanna get left out so here we are-you reading about my boring life! SO….here goes nothing! I am a wild and fun-loving gal who enjoys life and living and laughing! I grew up in the late ’70s early ’80s(actually it was the BEST time to be a child) I loved playing  outside until the sun went down and running around the neighborhood with friends(its truly heartbreaking that kids can’t do that anymore because  someone will take them and do ungodly things to them) So after years of being a tomboy and growing up I went off to college(great days!) Now my college was a little crazy(NO! not me!!) I kinda went crazy my first year and the party college of the great state of Texas but dad didn’t like paying for me to party so off to Jr College! After my LONG year of living at home I finally went off to Texas Woman’s University where my life was forever changed! I joined a sorority( I know-I’m SO not a sorority girl!) but this sorority was different-I was accepted for being ME! ME the crazy,goofy, wild, not super skinny,not fake baked,not bleach blond girl!( yeah yeah I know that is such a stereotype!) Anyways, I loved it and I met some of the BEST women and then she walked in!! My best friend and I know this sounds so unbelievable but we were instant friends and it has done nothing but make my life better and better every year!!

Anyways…skip a couple of years(a lot of it was kinda a blur -who know at my age we can’t remember much!) I travel Europe for 3 months which is truly another life changing experience. I mean I’m not a super religious person but seeing THE POPE on Easter weekend and spending Midnight Mass in The Vatican would be pretty impressive to even the devil-I would think! And then the Amazing weeks in Greece-ah Greece how I love you!(even though I wrecked my moped and thought for sure I was gonna have to go home!) The trip was such an eye opener and truly made me a better person-I highly recommend anyone who can to travel(doesn’t even have to be to Europe-just get out of your state geez!)

FAST FORWARD: I get married and have years of troubles getting pregnant! I have a blocked tube that eventually gets removed and viola-PREGNANT!! So..after 5 yrs of trying to have a baby and never giving up my faith I would-September 30,2007 my miracle arrived and changed my life forever-Autumn Faith gave me a job that I love more than anything in the world! Don’t get me wrong there are days(many) that I am at my wits end but being blessed with the most amazing,beautiful,smart,funny person in the world and being “mommy’ -YEP! It’s another life changing experience!